In continuous pursuit of creativity, freedom, and justice, Danielle Guercio is a chameleon-like professional artist who populates multiple spaces.

Danielle has consulted for Sense Worldwide, Converse, SC Johnson, PepsiCo, and independent beauty and cannabis brands.


As a writer, she has been published hundreds of times for multiple outlets. As an artist, she has created countless works in the fields of design, tactile application, and general art direction. She has worked with print and digital media, editorial and sponsored content, recipe development, marketing storyboarding, events production, and anything that requires a unique visual perspective. Danielle maintains a consultancy in the fields of beauty, food/beverage, nightlife, and cannabis culture, helping to round out teams large and small. Working also in Research and Development as well as Marketing and Innovation, projects create travel and cultural exchange that enrich her other talents and activism. Making original content on a weekly basis in media and for independent pursuits, her Instagram page is a one stop shop for non-traditional entertainment and culture.

Danielle has appeared on-screen with Revelist, Vice, xoVain, xoJane, Inside Edition, and Closetista.

Follow her general adventures on Instagram for original reviews, links to her stories, illustrations, snapshots of design projects, character skits and parodies.